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Hockey Tournament Information & Rules


Tournaments usually start between 10:00 AM & Noon on Friday.  Whenever possible, the tournament director will schedule teams traveling the farthest inside each conference to play the latest games on Friday.  The Championship game on Sunday usually starts between 3:00-5:00 PM on Sunday.


Tournament schedules will be emailed to the team contact(s) typically 2 weeks in advance but no later than (3) days prior to the tournament.


Teams/Players/Coaches/Parents: This is a USA Hockey, MAHA sanctioned Tournament. All Rules will apply unless otherwise specified below. Teams must be registered with USA Hockey or the Canadian Hockey Association.  Teams are required to submit a copy of their official USA Hockey or CHA team roster (7) days prior to the tournament.  The use of any unauthorized players will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament.

Player Eligibility: Only players that are listed on the official roster are eligible, no tournament additions will be accepted. Player’s names must be on the first game sheet to be eligible to play during the weekend and must play in one game of the round robin to be eligible for the semi-final and championship game.  Any players under suspension from governing bodies/associations are ineligible to participate.

Equipment:  All players peewee and above are required to wear mouth guards and neck guards are recommended.

Final discretion will be decided by the tournament director & the referees. No protests will be accepted.

Team Sign in: A team representative must complete and fill out the score sheet no later than 30 minutes prior to each game. You may submit team/player labels to the sign in table for all games, prior to start of first game.

Player Sign in: Players are required to sign in 30 minutes prior to first game.

Coaches: Required to sign in 30 minutes before first game.  Only roster players and their coaches are allowed in a player bench area. Max # of coaches (4). Each team must have an attendant work their penalty box.

Uniform Colors: All players must wear numbered uniforms in proper team colors. Home team will wear white or light colors. Please bring 2 uniforms, Home and Away! Consult with other team to make sure there isn’t a conflict.

Locker Rooms: Locker rooms assignments will be posted. Keys must be signed out by coaches only. Rooms will be inspected when finished. Teams are responsible for the condition of the locker rooms and any damages. Coaches are responsible for teams conduct before, during, and after all games. All parents entering the locker rooms must have an approved background check. This will be enforced.

Game Time: Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled start times without advanced warning. 

Defaulted Game:  A defaulted game will be 2-0 for the winning team and 0-6 for the losing team.

Sportsmanship: 2 team captains will shake heads before the start of each game.

Referees: Zero Tolerance! Games will be stopped, if in the judgment of the tournament officials, if continuing play is deemed not in the best interest of the tournament. Running clock will be implemented when tournament officials believe that there is a safety concern or actions indicate that there is little interest in actually playing hockey.

Suspensions: Any player receiving a game misconduct shall be suspended for the next tournament game. Any player, coach, or manger receiving a match penalty will be suspended from the next game. 

Period Length: Pre-game warm-up will be (3) minutes.  Mite (3) 10 Minute stop time periods, Squirt (3) 12 minute stop time periods, Peewee (3) 13 minute stop time periods, Bantam (3) 14 minute stop time periods, (3) 15 minute stop time periods. There will be a running clock in the 3rd period if at any time there is a 5 goal differential. Stop time will resume should the game be reduced to a 3 goal differential.  Ice will be resurfaced between games.

Timeouts: No timeouts in round robin play. (1) 60 second timeout is permitted in semi-final & championship.

Standings: Standings will be determined on total points, win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points.

Goal Differential:  Maximum goal differential for standings is a (+) or (-) 5.

Playoff Schedule: Teams are responsible to check the standings to verify their game times for the playoffs.

Tie Breakers: A tie breaker will be decided in the following order. 1. Head to head, 2. Most wins, 3. Goal differential (all games included), 4. Fewest goals allowed 5.Most goals, 6. Fewest penalty minutes, 7. Flip of a coin. Overtime:  Played only in semifinal or championship games.  There will be (1) “Sudden Death” 5 minute stop time period played 4 on 4 with goalies.  If a team is serving a penalty at the end of regulation, the remainder of that penalty will be served in overtime playing 4 on 3.  If such team is short 2 players at the end of regulation, the remainder of each penalty will be served in overtime playing 5 on 3.  Once both penalties expire and after the next whistle, play will resume 4 on 4.  After that, a 3 player shoot-out will determine a winner.  After that, a sudden death shoot-out will determine the winner.  All players must shoot once before any player shoots again.  Home team will get the choice to shoot first or concede the first shot to the Away team.

Incomplete Game: Should an “act of god” happen (power failure, major injury …), after 45 minutes the game will be called and the score will remain as is no matter how long the game was running at the time of the “act of god”.

Goal Tenders: A (5) minute delay will be permitted to dress a goaltender in the event the regular goaltender is injured and the team does not have a dressed goaltender on the bench.